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Privacy Policy  

All rights reserved - Easyjob4you

02392 350706

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms


All quotations are free of charge and without obligation.

Before commencement of any work we will require a signed booking form outlining the details of the job and acceptance of the quotation and the terms and conditions.

In the unlikely event of any errors or omissions caused by us, revisions or corrections will be made free of charge. However, if mistakes are made due to incomplete instructions from the client, any revisions or corrections will be charged at the normal hourly rate. Unless otherwise stated, the finished copy will be sent to the client for final approval. Corrections and revisions can continue to be made until the client’s final approval is given. If revisions are required after final approval, the work will be billed at the normal rate as before.

Our core working hours are 9.00 to 17.00. Arrangements to work out of office hours and weekends can be made by previous agreement.

We reserve the right to alter any timescale agreed due to unforeseen circumstances or any other problems not within our control. The client will be notified prior any changes and will have the option to cancel or agree to the new schedule.

We do not accept responsibility for any items lost by post or courier however a free copy will be issued to the client.


We accept payments online via PayPal or postal cheque (payable to Easyjob4you) addressed to: 67 Bedhampton Road, Portsmouth, PO2 7JX.

Unless otherwise agreed a 25% deposit is required for projects above £50

All invoices will be submitted upon completion of tasks and sent via email.

Clients with account strictly 14 days from invoice date.

Clients on a one off project will require payment on delivery.

Any invoice errors must be notified as soon as possible via email.

Some services may be paid up front such as travel arrangements and any other PA services.

We reserve the right to charge 2% of total invoice for late payment. Charges will be calculated on a daily basis until invoice is paid in full.

Security and Storage of data

Easyjob4you will keep all information strictly confidential and will not disclose this information to any person or company. A confidentiality agreement can be signed by Easyjob4you if necessary.

Your work will be kept in our computer hard drive and a copy will be kept also in an external back up drive. All work will be kept for six month from the date of final completion and destroyed at the end of the term, longer periods can be arranged free of charge.

Our computers are protected by anti virus software. All emails and documents are scanned prior opening and all payments transactions made via online are secure through PayPal.